Joinscience Incubator

Joinscience (Tianjin) Science and Technology Business Incubator Co., Ltd., located in the Low-Carbon Industrial Base of Huaming High-Tech Zone in Dongli District in Tianjin, was founded in November 2013. Now, the projects of four phases have been completed with 22,000㎡ of total building area and RMB 60 million of investment. It was awarded Tianjin Youth Entrepreneurial Base by China Communist Youth League Tianjin Committee in 2015 …


Mantou & Coffee Makerspace

Mantou & Coffee Makerspace (MCM), located in the Low-Carbon Industrial Base of Huaming High-Tech Zone in Dongli District in Tianjin, was invested and founded by Joinscience Incubator in 2015. It is a specialized makerspace in healthcare industry combining the functions of entertainment, conference, investment and communication together. It holds several conferences for municipal and district-level governments and for healthcare industry ...

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Tianjin Medical Joinscience Makerspace

Tianjin Medical Joinscience Makerspace (TMJM) was established jointly by Joinscience Incubator and Tianjin Medical University (TMU) in November 2015. It was located in Guangdong Road campus of TMU with 3844m2 of building area. Concentrating on innovative technology development in healthcare industry and college research achievement transformation, TMJM was identified as one of college makerspaces in Tianjin by Tianjin Municipal Education Commission at the end of 2015.

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Joinscience Medical Valley

Tianjin Free Trade Zone Joinscience Medical Valley (JMV), founded at the end of 2015, is a professional accelerator specializing in healthcare industry. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Joinscience Incubator with 15000m2 of total building area.

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Professional Incubation Service

  • Connect Industry Leaders and Medical Resources

    Connect Enterprise Resources

  • Connect 16 Institutional Investors

    Connect Institutional Investors

  • 医疗器械注册服务项目包括:方案策划、分类界定、文件撰写、检验检测、注册申报等,直至取得注册证止。

    Connect Government Resources

  1. Incubation Service
  2. Financial Service
  3. HR Service
  4. Legal Service
  5. Investment Service

Joinscience Incubator provides integrated services containing entrepreneurship consultation, policy guidance and registration service for the incubated enterprises...

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Systematic services are provided by our professional team including enterprise incorporation, account agency, tax registration, tax declaration, annual audit and capital verification to fulfill financial requirement of incubated enterprises.

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HR management team is completely built by Joinscience Incubator. It provides services of talent assessment, talent introduction and personnel file management for the incubated companies by integrating multiple resources.

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Joinscience Incubator provides professional legal services for entrepreneurs to strengthen risk awareness, protect legal rights and ensure commercial behaviors obeying laws and regulations.

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By cooperating with institutional investors, Joinscience Incubator helps entrepreneurs analyze their capital requirements and provides initial capitals and the opportunities of financing negotiation for potential projects...

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